Hip and Spine Mobility

This month the warm up and mobility work is for the spine and hips. We will do a lot of extensions, flexions, and rotations of the spine. Than researching an intense but nice hip routine, to strengthen all our muscles around the hip and getting more ROM (range of motion) in this particular area . If you follow along, you can do it 6 times per week. I advice my students to listen to your body and see how much dosage you need to improve in your mobility. Be honest to yourself and let us grow together. The other movement research is mainly floorwork and reaction/coordination games.

WS Mobility

  • Passive Hang. If possible in the morning, doing it right out of the bed. (Passive Hang for decompression of the spine 2-5 min
  • Forward and backward bend with breathing work 10-15 reps
  • Side rotations while standing 2 min

Hip Routine

  • One leg forward bend, 10x last rep 10-30 sec hold
  • Diagonal stretch, 10x last rep 10-30 sec hold
  • Active Pigeon, 10x last rep 10-30 sec hold
  • Figure 4 lifts, 10x last rep 10-30 sec hold