My Wrist Routine

How to strengthen your wrists?

Working so much with Martial Artists, Musicians, Yogis and Athlets, i get asked very often, how to strengthen the wrists. Often in courses, the teachers just show some short exercises for mobility, that is mainly there to release tension. But often we need some more complexe preparation work. So if you experience regulary discomfort  in your wrist, in training and want to do something about it, check out this video, i made for you.

I got injured quite often in my training, so this exercises shown on the video, help me better than anything else to get strong and durable wrist. I can do handstands and different kind of handbalancing without pain or problems. I am doing them sometimes in a beginning of a training session, to prepare the wrist for the upcoming training. Other times, i do some of these exercises just to release tension after i worked the whole day with manuel treatments.

Your body will be grateful if you take time to improve your weak points.